Bobby Lashley Says Hurt Business Split Hurt His Heart

In an appearance on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, WWE Champion Bobby Lashley was asked about the recent split within the Hurt Business. Lashley didn't hide that Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin being kicked out of the group stung.

"You know it hurt my heart," Lashley said. "I don't know if I'm supposed to say that. But it hurt my heart because it was something very special.

"In the wrestling business it's very seldom that a really special thing like that comes together where you can see that energy and people really get behind it. And they were.

Despite the departures of Alexander and Benjamin from the group, Lashley remains optimistic about the Hurt Business' future.

"But ultimately, business is business sometimes. And originally the Hurt Business was started by MVP and myself.

"Then we brought some people on that really deserved a chance. They took it and they ran with it. But the Business is not over. The Hurt Business is not over. We're just making some adjustments, and I think within the next few weeks we'll see how those adjustments pan out."

The Hurt Business was formed by Lashley and MVP in May of 2020; Benjamin would join the group in July, followed by Alexander joining in September. Both were kicked out on the March 29 episode of RAW, leaving Lashley and MVP as the only remaining members.

Both Alexander and Benjamin have publicly criticized the split. It was later reported that both Lashley and MVP tried to talk WWE Chairman Vince McMahon out of splitting up the group; McMahon ultimately went ahead with the idea.

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