AEW star Chris Jericho was interviewed by Alfred Konuwa of Forbes to talk about the end of the Wednesday Night Wars. Jericho believes it was AEW sticking to their vision and not worrying about NXT that ultimately led to AEW Dynamite emerging victorious.

“We’ve never really worried about what NXT was doing,” said Jericho. “I know WWE NXT was watching our stuff during their show, but this was not a war that we were ever asking for. We were kind of thrust into it by proxy.

“The reason why we won it and won it so handily is we never worried about what anybody else was doing. We just worried about our own show. Of course we’re competitive. Yes, we wanted to beat NXT. We wanted to drive them screaming and yelling away from Wednesdays and we did that.”

Jericho also discussed his thoughts on WrestleMania 37. He revealed he was impressed with the spectacle of the show, believing it to be an upgrade over WrestleMania 36

“I enjoyed seeing them in the stadium, working in front of all those people. That was really cool,” Jericho said. “Wrestling is always such a spectacle, and it was a lot of fun, man. I loved Bad Bunny’s entrance, I thought that was a blast.

“I love that pomp and circumstance of WrestleMania that they do. The main event three-way was fun, there’s so much stuff that happened in that timeframe. Just the pomp and circumstance of WrestleMania. After seeing it in a high school gym, or whatever the hell it looked like, that’s kind of what I was waiting for.”

Jericho will appear on tonight’s edition of AEW Dynamite, taking on Dax Harwood in a match where Mike Tyson will serve as special enforcer.