CM Punk And Others On Triple H Response To Mickie James Incident, Mark Carrano Firing

Hours after Mickie James revealed her belongings had been sent back to her by WWE in a trash bag, John Laurinaitis, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon all sent out identical tweets to James apologizing for the incident and announcing the person responsible had been fired. The person was later exclusively confirmed by Wrestling Inc.'s Raj Giri to be Mark Carrano, former Senior Director of Talent Relations.


That hasn't stopped wrestlers from all over to reacting to the news.Β Former wrestler CM Punk, no stranger to controversial departures to WWE, was quick to respond. As seen below, he quote tweeted Triple H's statement with the "if you say so" gif.

More blunt was Gail Kim. The seven time Knockouts Champion and current Impact producer rattled off several tweets, the first one also directly responding to Triple H.

"Well I'm glad Hunter took initiative but it's been happening since before I was there," Kim stated. "Is it always the same person? At least they did something I suppose."

Kim's comments echo that of Maria Kanellis, who earlier today stated she had received the same treatment from WWE after being released last year. The Impact legend wasn't done however, responding to a fan who questioned the sincerity of Triple H's statement.


"Well we will never know," Kim responded. "I definitely believe it's been many people over the years and if someone was fired it was the person who was sacrificed. If it changes things from this point on, at least it's something."

When another fan put the blame more on the culture of WWE than one person, Kim concurred, writing, "Correct. Change the system and culture. Don't blame and fire. That solves nothing."

Finally another fan pointed out to Kim that Stephanie McMahon had issues a similar apology. Kim had a very pointed response for that. "Well in that case, every girl that worked there for the past ten years plus should get an apology."

Former WWE star Jillian Hall reacted to Carrano's firing, tweeting, "Apparently I blamed the wrong person for my trash bag of ring gear over 10 years ago πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ.. she's not with the company anymore πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

"I didn't blame her publicly, I just assumed I knew who did it. I remember thinking how disrespectful and thinking it only happened to me."

You can view all of the tweets below.