Goldberg joined WWE’s The Bump Wednesday morning, where the discussion turned to former Intercontinental Champion Big E. Goldberg was asked how he’d match up with Big E, either in a different era or in current times.

“Let’s be perfectly honest; a different era of Goldberg could match up against anybody,” Goldberg said. “The question is could this era of Goldberg match up still with people and have it be interesting. I think the answer is absolutely yes. I think Big E could bring some stuff out of me I would want to do just to make Big E proud of me.”

Goldberg then shared a story of his first ever encounter with Big E. As it turns out they met long before Goldberg ever set foot in WWE, all the way back when Big E was a kid.

“The story goes, with Big E and I, that the only match that I was ever late for, or missed, in WCW coming up was a match I called in and told them I couldn’t catch the plane because I was at a signing. And I had to stay until everyone was taken care of. Big E was one of the kids I stayed for.

“So I’ll never forget his face, I’ll never forget that day. And the fact that I made a positive impression on somebody like that who’s been so successful at what they do, it’s an honor and a privilege for me.

“So you know, getting in the ring with him would be a different situation. But it be really cool in its own way.”

You can view the clip below: