Impact Wrestling star Heath joined The Angle Podcast to talk about his time in WWE as Heath Slater. Heath discussed his brief return to WWE for an angle involving then WWE Champion and former 3MB stablemate Drew McIntyre.

“It’s Drew’s fault. For real,” Heath said. “A writer contacted me about coming to RAW. They wanted me to do a promo segment with Drew then a match with Dolph. Then I’d come to some Horror Show match to interfere and Drew beats Dolph or something. If I’m going to come back and do anything it would be with Drew. So I just told them no, my mind was gone. The writer told Drew that and a couple of days later Drew calls me. I even told Drew man I’m not doing it. He was trying to talk me into it.

“He called me again and we really just talked; not about wrestling. And he’s like ‘man I need you there, I want you there, for me and my storyline and it will help you out too. Imagine if they offer you a contract. Imagine even if you leave after this you’ll be talked about. The eyes will be on you.’ I talked to my wife about it and she said ‘what do you have to lose? You’re already fired.’ I went down there and they tried to give me a script and I gave it back to them and said I got what I want to say. They asked me to mention the last time I spoke to Drew was on The Bump.”

Heath’s angle and match with McIntyre ended up opening the door for him to return to WWE. Ultimately it was not a path Heath took at the time, though he says there are no hard feelings.

“They offered me a contract back and it was like half of what I was making,” Heath said. “I was like no; I need to go and find myself and do other things.

“I never burned any bridges there, they all know me. I still talk to more than half of the people up there. There’s no hard feelings at all. I told them I said I just want to go and do my thing for a little bit and they didn’t blame me. They got it.”

With McIntyre and Jinder Mahal both former WWE Champions, Heath is the only member of 3MB not to hold a major WWE Championship. He has not dismissed the possibility of following their path in leaving, coming back and working his way to the top.

“With Jinder and Drew they came back looking amazing knocking home runs,” Heath pointed out. “They earned it, they worked for it, they deserved it. Everyone always talks about 3MB getting the title, 3MB the prophecy. I mean hell, maybe I had to get released to go back and get the title right?”

Heath has been out of action since suffering and injury at Bound for Glory in October of 2020. He had surgery on several abdominal injuries last month to gear up for an eventual return.

You can watch the interview below.