Reigning MLW World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu was on a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily. 

In a candid chat with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman, Fatu explained his thought process behind signing a long-term contract extension with MLW in late 2019.

When asked to divulge the details of the contract, Fatu did not mention the exact duration but assured MLW fans that he is committed for the long haul.

“What I can say is MLW has been great,” said Fatu. “Obviously, I’m still here with them. Myself, Tom [ Lawlor] and Alexander [Hammerstone] are gonna be here. We’re gonna be here, and we all expect a lot of great things to happen. MLW is family. Shout out to Court Bauer and the entire team, the production people, and cats that set up the lights, the pyro and the ring. There has been nothing but love out here.”

Before Fatu committed to staying long term with MLW, there were rumblings of WWE expressing interest in signing another member of the legendary Anoa’i Family. Fatu said when he signed the MLW contract, he was thinking of what’s best for him and his family.

“There are rumors here or there, but end of the day, I did what’s best for me and my kids at the time [of signing the contract]. Nobody knew Corona was going to hit, but you know, I’m excited for MLW and what a lot of us have planned here. This is just the restart, we’re not even halfway there for what’s about to really happen.”

Fatu, the longest reigning MLW World Champion in history, gave credit to CONTRA Unit to help solidify him as a top star for the company.

“Everybody knows my family is made of tag team wrestlers, starting from The Wild Samoans to The Headshrinkers, and Three Minute Warning to The Usos, so factions and tag teams have always been close to my heart. So, when we started out [with CONTRA Unit] with just a few members and it got bigger and bigger. I’m really excited, especially after The Restart we added some new members [Mads Krügger and Daivari].”

“I’m very happy to be a part of the stable. It’s not just Jacob Fatu, this is all about CONTRA Unit and the black flag. I’m in All Black right now. We represent them even when we’re not supposed to. We are running the game. Just look out for bigger and better things to happen.”

When asked to speak about the growth of Injustice member Jordan Oliver, Fatu showered praise on the 22-year-old rising star.

“I first met him first in New York, and later on the road. To see how he’s come up since then is impressive. This guy takes it [the business] really seriously. He’s always in the lobby trying out on new spots. I always see him thinking and trying to get better. I love to see his passion. Since he came to MLW to now, you can tell he’s getting more comfortable.”

Fatu said that Oliver is deceptively big and still growing into his man body.

“He’s bigger than he comes across,” admitted Fatu. “When I stood next to him recently, I realized he’s actually tall. He’s also bigger now. He’s very creative in how he does his promos and works. Shout out to Myron Reed, too. They [Injustice] got something good going on over there. I know my kids are fans of theirs, they are the cool cats of MLW.”

Fatu successfully defended his title against Calvin Tankman on this week’s MLW Never Say Never. You can find Fatu every Wednesday night as part of MLW Fusion. For more information on how to watch please visit! The full audio and video from Fatu’s interview can be found below:

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