At WrestleMania 33, Matt and Jeff Hardy surprised the wrestling world by returning together and winning the WWE RAW Tag Team Titles. As seen in the video below, fans went absolutely crazy when The Hardys showed up after being away for nearly eight years.

Earlier today, WWE posted a Top 10 video featuring the biggest WrestleMania pops — excluding The Hardy’s return.

Fans apparently alerted Matt  of the exclusion, and Matt had a simple explanation for why the moment was left off the list.

“For everyone who’s tweeted me, our WM33 return isn’t included because I’m now at @AEW. I’ve always felt it’s a damaging practice to selectively revise history with diehard fans. You tell me, should our WM33 return be on this list?”

Matt Hardy finished up with WWE in early 2020 and signed with AEW shortly after. Jeff re-signed with WWE in mid-2020.

You can check out the full WWE Top 10 and the Hardys’ return in the videos below.