Pat McAfee Comments On Bad Bunny's WrestleMania Match

After receiving big praise for his matches in NXT, Pat McAfee tends to be the benchmark for celebrities in-ring work these days. Much like when Shaq had a good showing last month in AEW, Bad Bunny's WrestleMania performance had a lot of fans writing to McAfee for his thoughts.

In a string of tweets, McAfee spoke about being an outsider coming into the wrestling world, and how himself and Bad Bunny both committed to the work so they didn't blow the opportunity in front of the WWE Universe.

"I appreciate the love from everybody. LOT of folks saying I'm the greatest non-wrestler wrestler ever, some stooges saying I'm not," McAfee wrote. "I'm pumped to be in the conversation. Let me put my wrestling hat on real quick. The thing that made me fall in love with wrestling was the larger than life personas talking about & doing some of the coolest things imaginable. The suspension of disbelief came from watching folks commit their entire being to what they were doing. The walking, the talking, the wrestling, the joy, the pain, the drama — if SOLD properly.

"It was impossible NOT to buy in and believe that everything going on was the coolest and most genuine stuff on earth. It felt like every time an 'outsider' would come into the universe, they were immediately hated by most fans deep down. There are numerous reasons for the hate. 1. They were potentially taking a spot that somebody's favorite full-time wrestler could've had. 2. They're doing something that every fan wishes they could also be doing. Or 3, they felt as if the outsider was just using wrestling & disrespecting the art.

"For me, I legitimately had thoughts about what I would do if I ever got the opp to be in that position. Imma be ready. Imma buy in completely & imma act as if I'm never gonna be allowed in there again. I bought my own ring. I'd run the ropes and take bumps in my barn all by myself for yrs & yrs. Nobody would understand what was going on. Tough to explain that I was preparing for a potential opportunity that nobody knew would show up or not. Then it did, it came time to utilize my film study throughout my entire fanhood life & buy ALL THE WAY in.

"If you don't, it's wildly obvious and hurts the whole damn show. Then I acted as if I was never gonna be allowed to do it again. I want to do EVERYTHING. Let's go. The thing about what I did and what Bad Bunny did is, we committed to the entertainment. We appreciated and respected the business & ourselves so much that we didn't want to be remembered as someone who came in from the outside and botched the opportunity. We wanted to give the fans an opportunity to buy in and enjoy it. Bad Bunny killed it & I enjoyed the absolute hell out of it.

"I wonder if Bad Bunny's destroyer is better than Adam Cole's [destroyer]? I'd assume yes because Adam Cole is an absolute bum, but nonetheless. I kick out of Destroyers these days anyways. Go Wrestling."

Bad Bunny and Damian Priest defeated The Miz and John Morrison on last night's WrestleMania.