During his appearance on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast, Sami Zayn was asked about Logan Paul. The YouTube star would be will be a special guest of Zayn’s for his WrestleMania match against Kevin Owens.

The WWE star made it clear why he’d like for Paul to be involved.

“I’m interested in his YouTube reach for sure,” Zayn said. “These corporate pigs at WWE may not put out my documentary. I don’t know if I’ll get final cut if they do put it out!

“So I need to make sure that I have someone in my corner with some reach. You know what I’m saying? I’ve got to get this out to the masses. I’ve got to have a platform.”

Zayn then broke kayfabe for a moment to talk about his heel persona. He revealed one of his favorite things about it is sneaking his beliefs into promos.

“I tell you, I love being able to sneak little political overtones into the character,” Zayn said. “I love that every now and then I’m able to sneak these little snarky remarks in. Or I weave them into my character.

“There’s so much of me in there that the character has gone further and further that I can sneak things in. I think I cut this promo on Thanksgiving calling it a holiday that celebrates the genocide of the indigenous population. I couldn’t believe I got away with it! It got on television. I was so proud that I got to say that on WWE television.”

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