The Butcher (Andy Williams) and The Blade (Pepper Parks) were on a recent episode of the Talk Is Jericho podcast. Chris Jericho asked The Butcher and The Blade about their signing with AEW and how it came about.

“In 20 years, this is my first full-time job in pro wrestling,” Parks noted. “With AEW, it wasn’t just like, oh, they like us, and they signed us. It was like they liked us. They told us they were going to bring us in in a couple months. Is it gonna happen? Is not going to happen?

“Then it was like, we did that, and then they’re like, okay, come back next week. Okay, come back next week. We wrestled in Ottawa for C4. Cody and MJF tagged on the show, and Cody and QT [Marshall] were there. And they watched us and hit us up after that, and my wife, Allie, was already working here, so they came up with the idea to put us all together.”

Williams is also the guitarist for the band Every Time I Die. However, he prefers to keep those two lives separate, and he explained what he did in the pro wrestling world to dissociate from the music world.

“I wanted to look like a wrestler. I didn’t want to be the guy that was just like, oh, he play fights on the weekend,” Williams admitted. “When we were talking about it, I was like, I want black boots. I want black knee pads, and I know that’s overdone and killed, but I want to look like a wrestler. If you want me to look like a wrestler, if Jesse (Blade) wants me to look at a wrestler, I want everyone to go, s**t, that’s what a wrestler looks like.”

The Butcher and The Blade are known for their unique outfits. Parks explained the influences of their characters and why they wear the outfits that they wear.

“We saw Mandy in the theaters together with Nicolas Cage,” Parks said. “It was just little pieces there. This was his idea too. We were just saying how our favorite wrestlers growing up, they always wrestled, but then a lot of guys also had promo gear or  backstage gear. That’s why we do the white outfits if we’re not wrestling.”

Williams spoke more on his character and how he wants his character to be portrayed. He explained why he prefers to keep specific aspects of his character a mystery.

Road House, it’s the easiest one for me to use [as an analogy] because the bad guy, Ben Gazzara, his local crew couldn’t get it done. So then he had to get the weird dude wearing a bone necklace with a dangly earring and a boot knife,” Williams explained. “They don’t explain any of it. He comes in. He beats some ass a little bit.

“He gets over a little bit on [Patrick] Swayze, and then Swayze has to rip his throat out. When we were putting the characters together, I was like, I don’t want to explain why I have a monocle. I don’t want to explain why you were a mask because it’s never explained, and I want to do is be the weird, specialty heavy from ’90s action movies.”

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