Trey Miguel talks Not Signing With WWE, MSK Winning NXT Tag Titles

At tonight's Impact Wrestling Rebellion PPV, Trey Miguel goes up against Sami Callihan in a Last Man Standing Match. Before that brutal bout, Miguel spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated about his former Rascalz stablemates (Wes Lee and Nash Carter) signing with WWE and why he didn't go with them.

At this month's NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver, MSK won the NXT Tag Team Titles after debuting in January. Miguel said he kept in contact with them all along the way towards their championship victory.

"I called them that morning and said, 'I know you're taking home the belts,'" Miguel said. "And when they did, I texted and said, 'I told you!' I'm so happy for them. I was never upset about those two sticking together. That's the way it was before Impact. I'm grateful I had the chance to work with my two best friends. They deserve all their success. The only thing I need to remind myself is that they have new names now."

After finishing up with Impact Wrestling, most fans expected the trio to sign with WWE together, but that wasn't to be. Miguel said moving to Florida wasn't logistically in the cards for him due to his tight knit family and the birth of his nephew — who was born two months premature.

"I did what I had to do," Miguel stated. "Logistically, I couldn't do it. My nephew is alive and healthy, and he's so beautiful. My life is here. It just didn't make sense for me to leave and move to Florida [to sign with WWE]."

The current Warrior Wrestling Champion continued that Impact Wrestling was close to his heart anyways, primarily due to the X Division being something he grew up on.

"The easy decision for me would have been to leave," Miguel said. "But I am really connected to Impact. As a teenager, I gravitated to TNA/Impact Wrestling because of the X Division. Back then, I had a really crappy television stand, so I had to literally stand in front of my TV for two hours, but I loved it so much.

"This is the first company to offer me a full-time television contract. I still have a lot to prove. I'm a firm believer you don't leave the court without winning, and I want the X Division title. There is more of a story between me and Ace Austin. I chose to stick around and see it through."

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