Triple H On How Wrestlers Are Selected For WWE Hall Of Fame, Early Peacock Criticisms

WWE's Triple H appeared on Pardon My Take yesterday to promote WrestleMania 37. Right off the bat he addressed the topic of Peacock and initial criticisms of its roll out of the old WWE Network.

"So far I love it," Triple H said. "So far it's been great. Some people complain about it but so far it's been good. I think people are enjoying it. In today's world, does anything happen that people don't complain about? I'm of the opinion, no matter what you do, people in their initial thought will question or criticize. Nothing is perfect in its first iteration.

"There will be a lot of changes made. We're aware of a lot of the things they (Peacock) had to get through. The transition was fast; they have to migrate a ton of talent. People don't understand how much content there is on the WWE Network that has to migrate over to Peacock. It's a work in progress. It's great people like the WWE Network so much that they're concerned about where it's going. But I think in short order we'll get there and people will be excited.

"I think this will be a great thing for people long term. For the same as what you were paying from before, you're getting a lot more content. A lot more alternative stuff. I think it'll be a good long term thing for everybody."

The WWE Hall of Fame will air tonight on Peacock. The ceremony includes both 2020 and 2021 classes, and was taped last week. Triple H discussed the process regarding the WWE Hall of Fame and how inductees are selected. He revealed there is in fact a process but that the final decision goes through Vince McMahon.

"There's a lot of people who put suggestions on it from within the company," Triple H said. "You people across the board people are putting a lot of input into it. Then it gets narrowed down by different departments till we get to a base of more people than we need. And then Vince makes the final call on where it's supposed to be.

"Vince looks at Hall of Fame as a moment of entertainment as well. It's not just about who's going in at that moment; it's part of a show. In years past you'd get to go on the stage and relive your career one more time. You want to make that a show across the board, not just a stodgy show when you're an hour and forty five in and you regret watching. He wants it to have ups and downs and to be entertainment."

You can watch the video below.