Trish Stratus joined WWE’s The Bump to talk about her famous rivalry with Mickie James. Their feud is to be documented on an upcoming episode of WWE Playback, where James and Stratus will re-watch the match.

“To have that match; you know it wasn’t just the match,” Stratus said. “It’s everything that led up to it. It was like an eight month culmination of storyline, character development. People were just completely along for the ride, just waiting for this moment. And this unique thing with people really wanting to get behind this newcomer, who had proven herself over the last few months.

“It was amazing just to have that kind of crowd backing us. As a babyface people ask how I felt getting booed. I don’t care what you’re saying. I just want to hear the decibel of sound. So the fact they were into what we were doing was fantastic.”

Stratus made sure to point out that this was an unusual type of match for women in WWE given their position at the time. Thus the positive reaction her and James received backstage made it all the more rewarding.

“At that time we were just grateful to have the spot on the card. So to have the spot on the card, to have the time that we had and then to have the crowd like we had. And we delivered, dare I say.

“Coming back we got a standing ovation in the Gorilla position. All our colleagues greeted us. It was a big thing for the women to have that at the present time considering our position at the time. So grateful for the moment and one of my most memorable WrestleMania moments for sure.”

Next Stratus was asked about her WrestleMania 27 match where she teamed with Snooki. The WWE Hall of Famer has in the past spoken about difficulties involving her other partner John Morrison. Otherwise Stratus remembers the match fondly.

“I said ‘ you know, it’ll be fun,”’ Stratus recalled. “I loved that I got to work with Michelle McCool and Layla. You know I didn’t know what to expect from Snooki. I get the novelty rule when we bring in superstars from the outside. At the point I was being brought in for a specific role from Tough Enough.

“So I thought this could be good, given the people involved. It was an easy yes. I went into the ring to see if I could get the ring rust off first. Once that happened, I knew we were good.”

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