Earlier today it was announced that legendary rapper DMX passed away at age 50 following what was described as ‘catastrophic cardiac arrest.’ The rapper had been on life support after being rushed to the hospital on April 2 and had reportedly been on life support since.

Many wrestlers from several companies have commented on DMX’s passing. Thea Trinidad, best known as Zelina Vega in WWE and a huge fan of the rapper, took to Twitter to profess her condolences.

“We love you King. RIP,” Trinidad said. “My deepest condolences to his family and friends. #WERIGHTTHERE #WENOTGOINANYWHERE

WWE Hall of Famer also responded on Twitter. “I’m going to miss you brother,” Henry said in a simple statement.

Others have taken to Instagram to place their condolences. “X Gon’ Give It To Ya…and we are so blessed that you did,” AEW star Chris Jericho posted.

“I am SO saddened to hear of the passing of DMX,” said NWA commentator and former wrestler Velvet Sky. “His music was my childhood and I still bump his songs to this day.

“This hit hard because I’ve always been such a huge fan of his, and his raps always had so much meaning and energy behind them. Damn. Rest In Peace and Power, Legend.”

“It’s important to remember that we are all struggling and we have all struggled at some point in our lives,” stated WWE star Natalya. “We are all human. These times are so difficult.

“Prayers up for one of my favorite musicians ever. Life is fragile. Life is precious. YOU are loved. #RIPDMX

While best known as a rapper, DMX was also connected to professional wrestling thanks to his appearances on the pro wrestling inspired video game Def Jam Vendetta in 2003.  He was 50 years old.