In a recent interview with Muscle and Fitness, AEW star Wardlow revealed that WWE legend Batista influenced his decision to pursue a career in pro wrestling.

Although Wardlow was drawn to both bodybuilding and pro wrestling from a young age, his love for the latter reached new heights when Batista became a megastar in the WWE.

“Dave Bautista was blowing up in the wrestling world, and I remember looking at him and thinking, ‘That’s it, that’s what I am gonna be,'” said Wardlow, while recalling his years in high school.

Looking ahead to his Stadium Stampede match this Sunday at AEW’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view, Wadlow said his faction, the Pinnacle, will go to whatever lengths necessary to end The Inner Circle’s run in AEW. As per stipulation, Chris Jericho’s faction must disband if they lose the match.

“I truly believe that The Pinnacle is the most impressive faction in the wrestling industry for 15 years,” stressed Wardlow.

“There’s no weak link in this group. The Inner Circle were formed in AEW on night one and they were the first major faction, running wild, but there’s a reason we are called The Pinnacle, they are gonna get hurt badly inside that football stadium, and then hopefully they will move on with their lives.”

AEW announcer Jim Ross recently recognized Wardlow as a budding AEW star with the “IT Factor.”

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