Another NJPW Star Confirms He Had COVID-19

Another New Japan Pro-Wrestling star has confirmed coming down with COVID-19. Tokyo Sports has reported that former IWGP Tag Team Champion Taichi also contracted sometime after New Japan's Wrestling Dontaku series in Fukuoka. Upon returning from Fukuoka, Taichi fell ill with a fever and received a PCR test to confirm he had gotten the virus.

"I was in that state in Fukuoka," Taichi said in a statement to Tokyo Sports. "I thought it might be the case (that I had gotten the virus) and I was right."

The former NEVER Openweight Champion revealed that his symptoms were mild, never extending beyond the fever. He rested at home, playing PlayStation 5 and has since resumed training for in ring action, though a return date is unknown. Taichi would appear on the second leg of New Japan's Road to Grand Slam Tour in Korakuen Hall, doing commentary for the event.

"I understand that it's not just a sickness," Taichi said. "I'm the most serious man I go to. I didn't go anywhere according to company rules, I did it seriously. But the result is you might think it's a distant story about other people's affairs. I should have been more careful."

Nine wrestlers from New Japan reportedly contracted COVID-19 following the Wrestling Dontaku events. Thus far the other known names are Kazuchika Okada, who revealed his own condition days ago, Jay White and David Finlay, with the latter's father revealing both wrestler's condition in a podcast appearance. New Japan's handling of the situation has come under fire during this time, with reports of unrest in the New Japan locker room gaining traction.