Asuka Reveals Which Two Wrestlers Are Her Dream Opponents

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, WWE's Asuka was asked who her favorite Asian wrestler was. The former WWE RAW Women's Champion says she was inspired by many, but revealed she was largely inspired by a legendary former WCW star who is still going strong today in Pro Wrestling NOAH.

"There are many great Asian wrestlers in the world," Asuka said. "When I was a teenager, I watched wrestling on TV. The Japanese wrestlers gave me energy and courage. I want to entertain a lot of people like they did for me. The Great Muta. A Japanese wrestler. He is so good and so cool."

Asuka later briefly touched upon her brief retirement from wrestling. While wrestling in Japan as Kana, Asuka retired in 2004 due to chronic nephritis, opening up a graphic arts studio before returning in 2007. She credited her mother for getting her to return.

"I had a problem, but I want to entertain people," Asuka stated. "It's my goal. My mother told me I have to fight again."

After six years in WWE, Asuka has faced every top name on WWE's women's roster. While there is one female wrestler she'd like to fight, two of her potential dream matches are against male stars of WWE's past.

"I want to wrestle with Triple H and Ric Flair," Asuka said. "I fought many great WWE superstars. Oh, Ronda Rousey. One day!"

Finally Asuka was asked what goals she has left in WWE. She stated that she wants to share more about her culture with the fans.

"People all over the world are watching WWE," Asuka said. "My goal in WWE is to get more people to know me. I want to share the wonderful cultures of Japanese and Asians as an Asian."