Batista Reveals Which WWE Action Figure He “Pulls Out Once In Awhile”

Future WWE Hall of Famer Dave Batista sat down with USA Today to talk about his upcoming film, Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead. The film, currently rated fresh at Rotten Tomatoes with 77%, stars Batista as Scott Ward, a mercenary hired to pull off a heist in a Las Vegas casino overrun by zombies.

"I don't think ever wanted to be that zombie killing machine," Batista said, describing the character. "I think at the end of the day, Scott Ward just really wanted to be a guy who was his own boss. Living a simple life, raising a family. I mean, I think when we find him flipping burgers, you know, his main goal, all he wants in life, is to reconnect with his daughter. Zombies, the heist and everything else that's going on, it's all a bit of a backdrop for this redemption story for Scott Ward and Kate Ward."

Batista also found the time to talk some wrestling, in particular talking about his wrestling action figures. There's one figure in particular that Batista is very happy he still has a hold of.

"There's so many wrestling action figures that I gave up after awhile," Batista said in regards to collecting. "But the particular one that you saw in the picture, the head actually flips. And it's like me with a normal face, then it flips and I have an angry red face! So I pull it out every once in awhile, just to make people laugh."

Army of the Dead will stream on Netflix starting May 21.