Carlito Recalls Shawn Michaels Saying That He Didn’t Like Him, How Triple H Treated Him

Former WWE star Carlito sat down with Wrestling Shoot Interviews to talk about his run with WWE a decade ago. The son of Carlos Colon talked about actively trying to get released from WWE for years, finally getting it in 2010. His reasons were trying to get out before he burned bridges with the promotion.

"I just remember that I could see, I've been in the business my whole life," Carlito said. "You can see when things are taking a downturn and aren't going to go in your favor. So I was trying to get out early, before things got worse. I realized they weren't going to use me. I always go around in the back asking everybody, but nobody would tell me to my face what their issue was with me and that's kind of what got me so angry. I'd go to the writers and ask 'what's the deal with me?' And they go 'no, everything is fine.'

"What I wanted to do was, I always said it's better to go away and then come back. So my plan was always to go back, but I just, I wanted to get away while I still had a name and not burn any bridges. Sometimes things don't work out like that."

Carlito was then asked about his relationship with Triple H. While he confirmed he was told that Triple H wasn't a fan of his, he never heard that from The Game himself.

"I don't know. I can't speak on that," Carlito said. "I always heard, secondhand, about stuff that he didn't like me and all this stuff. But to my face he was always cool. I never had a bad (interaction). I can only judge people by, you know I can't judge people by second hand stuff, I can only judge them by how I interacted with them. I heard stuff but he was always cool to me. You know they always ask for dirt and stuff, whatever, I don't know. He was always cool, I can saw he was always cool to me."

One person that did make his feelings about Carlito known was Shawn Michaels. It's the reason why Carlito says he has a ton of respect for the WWE legend.

"I respected Shawn Michaels because he was the only one that told me to my face that he didn't like me," Carlito said. "I can respect that. We had a talk and he told me whatever. You know what, I can totally respect that. I don't pretend to be everyone's cup of tea, but I like it when, you know, instead of behind my back you just tell me to my face. After that I had a lot of respect for Shawn Michaels."

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