Cody Rhodes Teases New Title In AEW

AEW Dynamite is heading to TBS in 2022, but the TNT Title isn't going anywhere. While the promotion's television championship won't be getting a new name, Cody Rhodes says brand new titles are being floated around backstage.

Speaking on a media call, Rhodes shut down rumors of a TBS title being discussed, but teased the incorporation of a new championship that would involve AEW's teams.

"The TBS title has not been discussed yet, but another title as a lot of people can guess has been the title that has been more discussed about potentially coming in the future," Rhodes said. "I'll let y'all speculate on what that is. Hint hint, we have a lot of people, teams, on the roster."

Even though it hasn't been discussed, Rhodes emphasized to never say never when it comes to a TBS title.

"You never know. Remember the origins of the TNT Title was WarnerMedia, our television partner and provider, was the one that wanted us to have it," Rhodes said. "That was a first in all of wrestling, for your partner in the space to say, 'We'd like you to represent us,' which is why we'll keep it the TNT Title throughout its time. It's my favorite belt in all of wrestling."

In just over two years since their debut event, AEW has performed at an exceptional and consistent rate. The young promotion has seen strong turnouts for both weekly television and their quarterly pay-per-views, while also cleaning up in year-end awards from the Wrestling Observer.

AEW's unprecedented rise has come as a surprise to some, but not Rhodes.

"I guess the way I'd put it is I'm not surprised at the expansion, but I've always been the eternal pessimist," Rhodes said. "The reasoning for that is I grew up in a wrestling family. I can't tell you how many times I heard, 'Oh, this show's going to get TV. This is going to be on this network.' It was not until Tony Khan that wrestling was able to be brought back to a comparable network and actually have an alternative and a challenger in the space that has been [without one] for almost two decades. Even that, I know this can all end on the drop of a hat, but it is amazing how quickly we've expanded. Especially now expanding into the TBS territory."

Rhodes added that his idea of what AEW can and should be has crossed over with what his fellow executive vice presidents, Matt and Nick Jackson and Kenny Omega, want for the company.

"As far as my vision: my vision I think has intersected with the Bucks' vision and Kenny's vision and of course with Tony's vision," Rhodes said. "And that I really enjoy because it creates a fluid identity for the show itself. There's nothing that's going to be AEW 101. It's never 'business as usual' with AEW, especially with the roster we have. I think my vision has been truly respected. It's intersected with the Bucks' vision, with Kenny's vision. And then Tony's outlook on what wrestling can be. His fearless endeavoring and to keep expanding and grow. The success story we've been for WarnerMedia. All this long-winded answer to say I'm not surprised, but it is absolutely something I do not take for granted, that we've been able to expand and bring so many casual and lapsed fans back into the space."

AEW presents Double or Nothing this Sunday night live on PPV.