Last night’s episode of Dark Side of the Ring focused on the Ultimate Warrior, only days after Warrior was the subject of a WWE produced documentary on A&E. During Dark Side of the Ring, AEW talent Jake Roberts detailed how he planned to confront Warrior when they were both inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. The situation would instead be defused when Warrior apologized to Roberts.

“I had a roll of quarters in my pocket,” Roberts recalled. “I was going to beat his ass. And I’m waiting on him, looking for him. Of course, Warrior being Warrior, they had him in a private area and security guards and all that. I had to wait, I had to wait, I had to wait and I’m boiling and boiling and boiling.

“And then all of a sudden somebody tapped me on the back. I turn around and (it’s) the Warrior. He put his hands up and goes ‘please, just let me do this. I need to apologize to you and your family. That’s who I was then but that wasn’t me. But if it means anything, just know that I’m sorry.’ He disarmed me. Another lesson in life man. That’s what I got, a lesson.”

For what it’s worth at the 10 second mark in the video below, Warrior is seen approaching Roberts at the Hall of Fame, and Roberts was sitting on a couch.

The heat between Warrior and Roberts was documented earlier in the Dark Side of the Ring episode. According to Roberts, he was supposed to work a program with Ultimate Warrior but was told by Vince McMahon he needed permission from Warrior. Warrior proceeded to insult Roberts and his family and threatened to ruin Roberts if he ‘messed with his money.’

The feud between Warrior and Roberts ultimately never occurred after WWE indefinitely suspended Warrior after Summerslam 1991.