Jerry Lynn Reveals Pet Peeve When A Wrestler Bleeds In A Match

On a recent episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone sat down with coach and producer Jerry Lynn. They discussed Lynn's iconic career, and Lynn explained how he got involved with AEW.

"It was the All In show. I had worked with The Bucks only once," Lynn noted. "It was the King of Trios tournament for Chikara. I worked Kenny years ago up in Winnipeg. There was lot of guys on the show I had worked with on the indies. When I first heard what they were doing, I really admired what they were doing because I've worked for every major company, but I was only with WCW a year, WWF a year and the rest of it, when I was with TNA [and] Ring of Honor, I could work indies.

"So the majority of my career was still on the indies, so I really admired what they were doing. So I called up The Bucks. I said, 'I really admire what you guys are doing here. Would you mind using me as a special guest referee?' And they said, 'Sure.' So we did it, and after the show, I was talking with them. They didn't go into detail or anything, but they were kind of telling me, 'We might have some big plans. Big company starting up' and I've heard that story 100 times over the years. I just sort of kept it on the back burner, and then I think after the announcement of AEW, I texted them congratulations and all that.

"And then when I saw Double or Nothing, I called them up again, and I said, 'I really don't want to be in front of the camera anymore, but would you be able to use me as an agent or something behind the scenes?' And they said, 'Sure,' and then that's when he said on the phone, 'By the way, have we sent you a contract?' And I said, 'No, this is the first I've heard of it,' and they said, 'Alright, I'll email you a contract, take a look at it and let us know.' And that's how it all started."

At the beginning of the podcast, Schiavone revealed he had spoke with Britt Baker. He revealed a message that Baker wanted to send to Lynn in regards to her Lights Out match against Thunder Rosa.

"I got a phone call from Dr. Britt Baker DMD," Schiavone stated. "She said, 'What are you doing?' I said, 'I'm getting ready to do a podcast,' and she said, 'I know, and it's with Jerry Lynn. And I want you to make sure that the world knows that he is the reason behind the hardcore match, and he is the G-O-A-T of AEW. I couldn't be where I am without him.' So Jerry, what a way to start our podcast.

"Well, that was sweet, but they went out there and did it," Lynn said. "They busted their butts. And I'm still learning. I'm still learning from all the other coaches. You never stop learning, and I've still got a long ways to go. That was the sucky part about having to retire from wrestling because I didn't have a choice in the matter. My body said it was done, and there was so many things I want to improve on. So in that aspect, I wish I could still get in the ring."

Schiavone commented on the use of thumbtacks in the match. In response, Lynn gave some detail as to his coaching style in AEW.

"Even in my own matches and the matches that I coach, I would never ask someone to do something that I wouldn't do myself, and it's all up to them," Lynn explained. "And I always tell everybody if there's anything, you do not feel comfortable doing, don't do it because that's when something bad will happen. So it's all up to them."

TheĀ Dynamite main event was announced a week prior. Lynn revealed when he found out he would coach the match.

"I found out probably maybe two or three weeks out," Lynn revealed. "I'm not sure exactly because every time you go to TV and you're watching 40 to 80 matches, the nights become a blur. I found out, I think, either two or three weeks in advance."

Edwards recalled the night and Baker and Rosa wiping off their blood. Lynn explained why that is a pet peeve of his in wrestling.

"That's a pet peeve of mine because then you've bled for nothing," Lynn pointed out. "I told them, if you're bleeding, don't let your forehead touch the canvas. Do not let your face touch the canvas because it'll wipe it all off, and then you've lost the effect of building the drama."

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