Current Impact Wrestling X Division Champion Josh Alexander recently sat down with James Walsh for another episode of Wrestling Epicenter. During the interview, Alexander discussed his transition from tag team to singles wrestling and if he had any difficulties making the switch.

“No, not at all,” stated Alexander. “I’m not going to front – There was nerves! After two years of being very successful in the tag team division, I had to learn on my own two feet – So to speak. You know what I’m saying? There was nerves. But, I knew I had 14 years (in the business) before I joined Impact Wrestling wrestling all over the world in all different promotions against the best wrestlers in the entire world. So, I knew I had plenty of experience as a singles competitor. So, I knew that the second I had a chance to stand on my own two feet in the middle of that ring, I was going to get to show the world that.”

During the interview Alexander was also asked about Ethan Page’s departure from IMPACT Wrestling and his recent signing with AEW. Alexander and Page had teamed together as The North for almost a decade and won numerous tag team titles, including the Impact World Tag Team Championships. Alexander was asked if he was nervous about his partner leaving the company.

“Yeah,” admitted Alexander. “But, it was only scary in the sense that opportunities don’t always come along in professional wrestling. So, there is always the uncertainty of them not knowing who is going to make the decisions and when to get an opportunity. I just had to wait my turn.

“Luckily, it came very quickly and I was able to show what I could do. But, initially, going into Hard to Kill, I had a pre-show match with Brian Myers. I didn’t know if someone from management would be watching and say, ‘This Josh has something.’ But, that is what it is all about. Getting an opportunity and trying to hit a home run with it every time.”

Alexander was also asked if fans could see a potential reuniting of both Alexander and Page, since AEW and IMPACT recently started a working relationship. Alexander said that while a reunion is not impossible, that the timing had to be just right.

“You know, that is the good thing about this ‘Forbidden Door’ business,” said Alexander. “There are just too many dream matches that are out there from a tag team scenario for that not to be left on the table if these companies truly are working together. I think there are a lot of fans that would love to see The North against FTR, The North against the Young Bucks, The North against the Jurassic Express. You want to see all these matches that you could not see in Impact Wrestling when we were a tag team.

“I think it would be a good business decision to have that happen. But, the timing has to be right… Everything has to be right! You just have to keep trucking along and never say never.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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