Mariah May On What WWE Told Her Following Tryout

UK independent star Mariah May was interviewed by Spencer Love, where she dove into her tryout with WWE in 2019. According to May, she got noticed by WWE in an unexpected way.

"With WWE, I actually modeled their shirts," May revealed. "I was the first one to do it. They sent me their merch to model, so I think WWE knew who I was when I was like 18.


"So, when I started training and stuff, I know they were watching me, and I just worked really, really hard, and I just – I sacrificed everything just to really put the time into wrestling. That pays off. And then, obviously I was lucky enough to get a tryout, which was just the most amazing experience ever.

"I am so grateful and blessed to have had that. It's just all about working hard and putting yourself out there. I think that last part is really, really important."

May's tryout was run by NXT General Manager William Regal, a cool experience for May.

"I mean, I grew up watching William Regal, and there was Sarah Stock there. There were some incredible people there, the producers, there were so many people who have done a lot for British wrestling, and like you said, legends like William Regal.


"To be able to show them what you can do and to get feedback from them – I mean, in a sense, it was literally three days of training with them. Like, how lucky to be able to get that tutelage, to get that coaching from these just legends."

Overall May couldn't have been happier with the experience.

"I just felt so blessed to do that. The tryout itself was incredible. I learned so much, and it was good to kind of show what you've been working on, too. That was really gratifying, to kind of get that opportunity to show your hard work. For me, I was just trying to be a sponge and just take everything in. I remember walking into the PC, and obviously, there's one of the UK now, which, that's just crazy, right? That there's a Performance Center in the UK, that's amazing. Just walking in there and just seeing the WWE ring. Honestly, like, I could just feel it. You know what I was saying about revving the engine? I could just feel those butterflies the whole time.

"But, I just went into just game face mode, and I was like, 'I need to make these three days count, and then you can go home and you can cry, and you can just have your moment.' You know, 'you can go home and you can kind of be like, ah,' but you know, for me, it was just game face.


"I just tried to be a sponge and just absorb it, because above all else, obviously it is a tryout, but it's training and it's a chance to train with some of the best. Also, I got to tryout with some amazing women British wrestlers, too. So that was really, really cool, too."

Ultimately May didn't get signed to WWE at the time. Overall she's fine with getting more experience, which was one of the key pieces of advice she received during her tryout as well.

"I had had three matches (at the tryout)," May said. "So, they were just like, 'you've got the tools, just get the experience. We want to see you just get yourself out there and just learn how to work.' That's what it's all about. And that's kind of – you know, I just want to just kind of do some stuff for myself, like wrestle internationally and make a name for myself.

"I remember just before lock down, I was really just loving that part of the journey. I think sometimes people talk about it like it's the horrible bit, but I mean, maybe it just gets better. I don't know. For me, I've really been enjoying just – like, I did seven shows in a row.

"I did the All Star, which is throughout the half term, our school holidays here. I had shows either side of the weekend, different shows. I actually traveled for an entire week, I got to wrestle every single day. That's my dream. That's what I've always wanted to do. Of course, would I'd love to be on a big stage one day? Absolutely. But, I'm loving this part of the journey. And, that's kind of what they said, was just enjoy this and get that experience."