While chatting with ET Canada, AEW star Matt Hardy was asked who his Mt. Rushmore of brother tag teams were. Even with including teams of kayfabe brothers, Hardy ultimately went with him and his brother, their most famous rivals and one legendary team of non relatives.

“I got to be a little egotistical about myself and my brother on it,” Hardy said. “I’ll put Edge and Christian on it as well. I’ll put the Dudley’s on it, and I can’t go without putting the Road Warriors, even though they technically weren’t brothers, they were brothers in paint.

“So I got to put them. The Road Warriors, Legion of Doom are definitely going to always go down as it’s most likely the greatest tag team in history.”

Aside from the Hardy Boys, Matt is best known for innovating the cinematic match with his Broken Matt Hardy character in TNA. Hardy explained the thought process behind doing cinematic matches was to prolong his career.

“My initial mindset in doing Broken Matt Hardy in the very beginning was to look for longevity because I knew what the new kids were doing,” Hardy explained. “As the style was changing in 2015, 2016, 2017, I’m like, ‘Well, I’m not 25 anymore.’ So what if I did something different, a throwback to the old days of Undertaker and Papa Shango, something a little magical and then maybe we do matches that are shot more like a movie, you know, more like a piece of cinema. That could conserve my body. And then I could also do a lot more cool stuff in the realm of the character. So that was my whole mindset behind doing that.

“And really, I want to get my brother doing it. Because my brother has such an addiction to doing Swanton [Bombs] and Whisper in the Winds and he wants to do everything because he’s so passionate and he feels like his fans deserve it. That he wants to give everything.

“It’s like ‘dude, you’re getting older. They want to see Jeff Hardy, your star. You can’t beat up your body every single night.’ So that was my original mindset for even starting the whole cinematic thing in the Broken Universe. But considering it gave Taker a great match against AJ Styles, that was amazing. I love the Boneyard Match. And Sting now being in AEW and being able to do these cinematic matches where he can be the Sing of old, it feels really special and you never know what you’re going to get. I think that’s amazing. So if I did help contribute to the new era of cinematic matches, I am very proud of the fact.”

Hardy was then asked what his favorite cinematic match was, both involving himself and not. He first took time to praise the match that kick started the trend.

“The Final Deletion will always be famous because it was like the first major one,” Hardy said. “I knew when we did the first contract signing with Broken Matt Hardy and my brother Jeff Hardy, it was so polarizing and people were so split over it.

“But I knew we had something because so many people were locked in and then the Final Deletion, like it went viral over the course of a couple of days. That’s like a big deal. Looking back structurally, it wasn’t as good as some of the other things I was in.”

So what are Hardy’s favorite cinematic matches ever then?

“Probably my favorite match that I’ve ever done cinematically was the Apocalypto Tag Team Match from Total Nonstop Deletion. “One of my favorite matches, I think that I’ve watched was the Undertaker-AJ Styles thing.

“I know Undertaker really wanted to go out on a good note and he’d had a couple of matches where he was in the ring live, and I know it didn’t live up to his expectations and he was let down by them. So I’m so happy you got to go out on that high note with AJ Styles. ”

You can watch the interview below.