MJF Says That A Fan Tried To Abduct Him

AEW's MJF sat down with Busted Open Radio to promote AEW Double or Nothing this Sunday. Busted Open host Tommy Dreamer asked MJF is there's a line he won't cross, to which MJF all but replied in the negative.

"I'm easily the biggest, quote unquote, villain in wrestling right now," MJF stated. "I don't want to be. I believe I'm a salt of the earth human being. But unfortunately that's the way the cards have lied for me in the eyes of the fans. I'm the top dog when it comes to being the villain. Again, didn't want that for myself because like I said, I don't view myself that way. But at this point? Screw it, I'll lean into it. I don't care anymore because I'm not going to not be myself, I'm not going to not be 110% honest and authentic. And that's what divides me from everybody else in this industry.

"Everybody else has to put on a costume, they have to put on a cape, they have to put on a mask. Just so they feel big enough, larger than life enough, to walk through a curtain and garner a reaction. I don't have to put on a costume. All I have to do is wake up and get out of bed and go to work. That's it. And I think that that is something that everybody, no matter how much they hate me, viscerally hate me, you've got to respect me."

It's hard to know where the character of MJF begins and ends. But in explaining why he isn't looking forward to fans returning, MJF brought up one bizarre fan interaction.

"It's happened numerous times in my career, as far as people jumping over the guard rail," MJF said about fans. "As far as in AEW, we actually had a very seriously crazy thing go down, where someone dressed up in a pilot costume and was able to get through security. Not our Atlas Security, our Atlas Security is absolutely spectacular. It was the building security at the time. The guy got all the way to the back, and he looked at me and goes "hey Mr. Friedman, I'm going to be your pilot today. I'm going to be flying you back to New York.

"Now at the time it didn't shock me, because I'd been on plenty of PJ's (private jets) before, especially plenty of PJ's with my boy TK (Tony Khan). So I thought to myself 'well alright I'm going to go on that after the show, no big deal.' And at the time my father had actually had a heart issue, so I thought my boy TK was doing me a solid. I walk over to TK and say 'appreciate it.' And he goes 'what are you talking about?' Now I'm confused and I walk back over to the guy, now this time with a bunch of security. And I go 'hey man, what's your deal again?'"

MJF explained that security ultimately dealt with this man when he couldn't back up his claims. If not for security however, MJF revealed it's possible he could've been abducted, or worse.

"He goes 'well I'm going to fly you out back to New York after the show' and I go 'uh huh, uh huh, got it,'" MJF explained. "And then, I'll put Raf over here. Most people don't know who Rafael Morrfi is but Raf is the head of the back of house in All Elite Wrestling. Very talented gentlemen. And he looks at the guy and goes 'no you're not. Let me see your pilot's license.' The guy pats around on his body and goes 'I forgot it.' Raf goes 'got it. Get him out of here.'

"That guy hated me so much, his plan was to abduct me. Now what happened after that lord only knows. I have no idea what his game plan was. What I'm getting at is this; I am not looking forward to crowds, nor do I care for crowds. Being in Jacksonville and Daily's Place has been an absolute dream. I have not had to look at disgusting, mealy mouth, worthless poor's. I have been able to perform and do my craft without dealing with the smell and the looks of disdain. So no I am not looking forward to touring. I think the word I would use for it is, I guess I will just deal as the kids would say these days."

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