WWE reportedly has no new rule against its talent mentioning Daniel Bryan by name on WWE programming, according to PWInsider.

Bryan lost to WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns two weeks ago — forcing him to leave SmackDown. Bryan’s WWE contract reportedly expired that night and he is still contemplating what his next move will be. WWE is reportedly “pushing hard” to get him signed to a new contract.

Bryan has yet to comment publicly since his loss. WWE has moved him to Alumni section on its website.

The report also noted if WWE was truly looking to distance from Bryan, they are not actively doing so. WWE’s handling of Bryan is in stark contrast to someone like CM Punk and rules against mentioning his name on-air.

On this past week’s After the Bell, Corey Graves and Vic Joseph gave their thoughts on what Bryan’s next move might be.

“At this point, Bryan is playing his cards close to the vest to my knowledge, he hasn’t made any public statements about what’s next, there are plenty of speculations swirling in the internet wrestling community,” Graves said. “That’s basically all we have to work with at this point.”

In interviews over the past month, Bryan has said he’s looking to move away from wrestling full-time, so he can spend more time home with his family. Bryan even expressed interest in trying to work for WWE, but still wrestle in outside promotions.