Pete Dunne Recalls Almost Missing Birth Of His Child Due To WarGames

In an interview with Mark Andrews on My Love Letter To Wrestling, NXT star Pete Dunne talked about nearly missing the birth of his daughter due to wrestling in a WarGames match. The match, which took place in 2018, saw Dunne's team emerge victorious over Undisputed Era, followed by Dunne getting on a plane to barely make it back to London.

"When I think about it, I don't know what I was doing, and never, ever would risk it again," Dunne said. "War Games was the day before the due date of the baby and that was in California. I would've been home (in the UK) on the due date and I thought, you know, maybe it'll all just work out. When I think it about it, it was so crazy. The whole day, I'm just checking my phone over and over again. Did War Games, finish the PPV on top of the cage holding the belt up, come back down, still all good. Fly from California to New York, all good. Fly from New York, (fly) back home."

Luckily for Dunne, he was able to make it home before his child war born.

"I land in London, I'm pulling my bag off the carousel and I get a phone call saying my girlfriend is in labour. Within about five or six hours I had my daughter in my hand, I hadn't slept in like four days, it was absolutely brutal!

"Somehow It all worked out, but never, ever would I risk that again. It didn't seem like that much of a task to get home, like that risk didn't seem impossible since I'd been so one thing to the next for years. Since then, everything's slowed down. WWE have been great, they're the best place to work especially for things like this, I've got to see her grow up, I haven't missed anything."

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