Renee Paquette Reveals Which Violent Jon Moxley Moment Made Her Most Uncomfortable

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On a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with Oral Sessions host and Messy In The Kitchen author Renee Paquette. Along with being a podcast host and an author, Paquette is also very active on social media, most notably whenever her husband, Jon Moxley, is involved in any kind of hardcore match. Hausman asked Paquette what it's like for her to watch her husband involved in these violent matches.

"It can be difficult," Paquette admitted. "Obviously, I've gotten so used to it over the years that I kind of pick and choose my moments of like, 'What am I watching? How concerned do I need to be? Do I like this other guy that's on the other side of the ring from him?' All of these things that you have to kind of think about, but I mean, Jon's Jon. Jon's gonna do what he wants to do regardless so either you're for him or you're against him, and it's easier to be with him."

More violent matches are expected for Moxley as he's set for a future match with GCW World Champion Nick Gage. Hausman followed up and asked if there was one particular moment that has set her back.

"Yeah, when him and Kenny Omega had their first deathmatch style match, I was watching from home, and I'm like, 'Good god!' But when Kenny shoved the glass in his mouth, I was like, 'Okay, that's too much. That's crazy,'" Paquette recalled. "So that one got me, and then also, I believe it was landing on the thumbtacks and then had the alcohol poured over his back.

"At least it was sterile and clean, but I could imagine the pain. It was really next level, and you could tell that they had something to prove that night. Obviously, with the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch, that whole match was fantastic. The ending could have used a little bit of love, but the whole match was so incredible to watch.

"But yeah, they're very first match together, that was them kind of figuring out their chemistry together in the ring as well and kind of figuring out what they want to do. And for a lot of people to not imagine Kenny Omega in that style of match, I think it just added all of these layers to Kenny in that situation [and] Jon Moxley outside of WWE doing the thing that he loves to do. They were not going to leave any stone unturned for that."

The ending of the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch left a sour note for many fans. Paquette discussed what it's like to see someone like her husband Moxley, who has so much passion for the business, have to deal with that kind of critically panned end for a big match

"Jon gives a s**t about everything he does," Paquette stated. "I mean, he's a wrestler, and he loves what he does very very much, but he also has a very good mindset and a good head on his shoulders of like, 'Well, it is what it is. It's live TV. What are you gonna do? It's on to the next.' To sit and dwell on something or to get mad about something and want to point fingers at people, that's not his game at all.

"So it's one he'll just take on the chin and move on to the next. So I think his mind set on something like that is really eye opening, I think, for anybody in the back that could have been watching that match and anticipating a star of his caliber storming to the back wanting to scream at somebody, and that's just not him.

"He would never do that. So for him to take that and be like, 'Oh, it is what it is.' The rest of the match was great, and this thing happened and it sucks, but what are you gonna do? He cut his promo afterwards, and for somebody to think on his feet as quickly as he does to kind of save face in a situation like that, he's the best at that."

Hausman and Paquette also discussed Paquette's upcoming cookbook. The cookbook interestingly includes cocktails as well, and Paquette revealed a fun anecdote from Moxley about that.

"He chipped a tooth on the flask, knocked a tooth out [before the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch]," Paquette revealed. "I don't know if I'm supposed to tell anyone that, but that happened. He's fine. He lives to tell the tale. He's a whiskey drinker. He loves whiskey. I did the Cowboy Cocktail in there for him, which is just stiff whiskey with a little dash of Coke.

"That's it. So there's a couple drinks in there that require a little bit more than that, but generally, I like to just pour a goblet of wine, and he just drinks a stiff whiskey. So I had to branch out from those two things, but I did give him his Cowboy Cocktail in there."

Hausman followed up and asked if coming up with recipes for cocktails was difficult. Paquette gave some insight into learning about mixology.

"It's not an easy medium, and so when I was looking at that too, because I'm not a huge desert person, or at least I wasn't prior to getting pregnant," Paquette said. "So I was like, I don't need desserts. I'm not a big baker. I don't want to have desserts in the book, so I'm going to put cocktails in there instead. But when you really look at that, it's a whole different ball game.

"So I had fun kind of tinkering around of 'what are some of the drinks that I love that I can put in there?' There's nothing that's going to be too over anyone's head, so we're good. I've been flipping through a couple other books trying to figure it out, and mixology can be very snobby. Cooking, in general, can be very snobby. This book is not that. No snobbery."

Renee's new cookbook Messy In The Kitchen is now available for pre-order HERE. You can follow Renee on Twitter @ReneePaquette. The full audio and video from Renee's interview can be found below: