Recently WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart reached out to fellow Hall of Famer Ric Flair after Flair called him out for comments made in past podcasts in a recent interview with Conrad Thompson. Hart has said the comments were taking from podcasts years ago and talked to Flair in order to clear the air.

The ‘Nature Boy’ took to Twitter today to reveal things are fine between them, even making a bit of a joke.

“Bret, I’m glad we spoke!” tweeted Flair. “In this crazy world of social media, you never know what to believe. Maybe I was just frustrated because I could never catch one on you, so I’ll just tap out again and hope that my line is long than yours at the next Comic Con.”

Flair and Hart have a storied history with each other, with Hart defeating Flair in 1992 to win the WWE Championship, his first ever world title (a clip from the match can be seen in Flair’s tweet). Flair would later be Hart’s first opponent when he jumped to WCW in 1997, with Hart defeating Flair once again at Souled Out 1998.

Off screen their history is more complicated, with Hart being critical of Flair’s wrestling ability in his 2007 autobiography. Flair, in his autobiography, was likewise critical of Hart’s handling of his departure from WWE in 1997, as well as his drawing power when he was a top star in the early 90’s.

The two have apparently buried the hatchet and Hart referred to Flair as a friend when describing their current situation.

You can see Flair’s tweet below.