Tonight’s WWE WrestleMania Backlash PPV features WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns going up against Cesaro. Before they meet in the ring, Reigns sent a message to his challenger, who has waited a long time for a shot at a World Title in a singles match.

“Waited a long time to get knocked down to the bottom of the line. #WMBacklash #AcknowledgeMe,” Reigns wrote.

As noted, Cesaro first signed with WWE in 2011 and has waited ten years for a match like this. Cesaro spoke earlier this week about his journey to facing Reigns.

“It’s just for certain people, it takes longer,” Cesaro said. “I remember, when I first got to WWE after a year or two, somebody told me was like, ‘You’ll get there, it will just take a while. That’s just your path.’ You don’t want to hear that when you just started. You don’t want to hear it will take a while, and you just see other people just jumping the line or getting the opportunity, and you’re just there working day in and day out. You don’t really want to hear that. But then if you look back at it, you think like, ‘Well, the journey was worth it because you took all those people that watched you over the past nine years, you took them on the journey with you.’”

WWE released a retro styled poster for Reigns vs. Cesaro, as seen here.

WrestleMania Backlash starts with the Kickoff at 6 pm ET, and then the main card at 7 pm ET on Peacock/WWE Network (for those outside the U.S.).