While reviewing Friday Night Smackdown for Busted Open Radio, Tommy Dreamer took some time to significantly praise WWE star Cesaro. The ECW legend, still recovering from a lengthy battle with COVID, said Cesaro would a top star if he was in charge of a promotion.

“If I’m running the WWE, because of all the languages he speaks, I could make him the face of my company,” Dreamer said. “No matter where he is on the card, you are going to get a top rated, top notch wrestling match.”

Cesaro will challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania: Backlash, his first ever one on one opportunity at either the WWE or Universal Championship in ten years with the promotion. That is nuts to Dreamer, who feels Cesaro can be the guy and possibly even will be.

“He will be the guy and I’ll tell you why,” Dreamer said. “Because I know we’re wrestling fans and it’s like ‘how come they haven’t given this guy the ball in forever?’ I know he had a lot of positive talk when Vince McMahon had said on one of the shareholder meetings that he said he doesn’t feel Cesaro doesn’t connect with the people, maybe because of the way he speaks.

“That was like the first ‘are you kidding me?! This guy has it!’ And I feel he will get that Daniel Bryan reaction if they ever decide to fully pull the trigger with him, just because fans love him. You think about why they love him, it’s because of his in ring work. He’s the quarterback that always delivers, he’s the baseball player that always delivers for when you need him in the clutch. But if you need someone to bunt, you bunt.”

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