WWE RAW Superstar Alexa Bliss took to Twitter late Tuesday to post an emotional video message, thanking fans for their support in the wake of her pet pig’s death.

Bliss said she and her family are still trying to come to terms with the death of Larry-Steve, who “went very quickly” but was surrounded by people who loved him.

“Hi, I just wanted to get on here and say thank you to everyone who has reached out about Larry and to let everyone know that I really appreciate the amount of support,” Bliss began. “And people who have called and texted, I will get back to you, I just can’t yet because we’re still trying to wrap our heads around what happened.

“Larry went very quickly and we don’t really fully understand it yet, but he was surrounded by people who loved him, you know, my family was there, we were petting him. And Ryan was playing him music on his guitar because Larry loves music.”

Bliss also urged vets to help out pigs and not discriminate between animals/pets.

“I just wanted to say to any animal care person or vet, no matter how big an animal is or how different they are… please help them,” said Bliss. “I hope Larry’s story helps open people’s eyes to the realities of having animals around his size. And I just want people to, you know, do better.

“We are gonna celebrate Larry’s birthday tomorrow. I really want to do something where we celebrate his birthday and maybe do like a charity thing to raise money for an animal rescue. And if that’s something that you guys are interested in or anything like that, just let us know. And again, thank you.”

Earlier this week, Bliss requested fans to recommend a pig vet that would be willing to help her beloved pet after her regular vet refused to treat Larry-Steve in his worsening condition.

See below to watch Alexa’s video message: