AEW star Joey Janela interrupted a Seminole County school board meeting Tuesday and was subsequently kicked out for trolling the officials in attendance in what appeared to be a Borat-type appearance.

Janela was at the meeting, as was released WWE referee Drake Wuertz, who has been actively protesting against the mask mandate in recent months. Wuertz has also promoted conspiracy theories related to Q-anon.

After getting kicked out of the meeting, Janela tweeted:

I was kicked out within 5 min for yelling at a doctor or something…. he was a liar!

As seen in the video below, Janela can be heard going on a rant at around the 2:10:25 mark, which appears to be him trolling. Wuertz’s speech can be heard at the 1:44:10 mark. Wuertz continued to insist that children shouldn’t be forced to wear masks and also explained why he’s against vaccinations.

Wuertz, fka Drake Younger, was released by WWE last month. In the aftermath of his release, reports surfaced of Wuertz picking up significant backstage heat in WWE due to his political beliefs.

See below for Janela’s tweets and the video from Seminole County school board meeting: