Ariane Andrew On What Is Missing In The WWE Women’s Division

Ariane Andrew (f.k.a. Cameron) recently sat down with Wrestling Inc.'s Nick Hausman on The Wrestling Inc. Daily to discuss the release of her new single "Born With It remixed by Damon Sharpe."

During the interview Andrew spoke about her former tag team partner Naomi and discussed how Naomi could help spice up the RAW Women's title picture. For what it's worth, Naomi did receive a strong social media push from fans after the hashtag #NaomiDeservesBetter trended on Twitter last year.

"I think [Naomi would knock it out of the park] too," replied Andrew. "I never want to bash a place that gave me such an amazing opportunity to be where I'm at now. But I do think the thing that is lacking at the moment in the Women's division is they went so far left with creating a revolution to have women who are badass, which I think is great. [They are] giving them an opportunity to main event. Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair, I mean, that's history. When have we ever seen two black women, and I'm not a person [to make things] about race. But to have that WrestleMania moment, that was major.

"But what's missing in the Women's division is. . .if you start seeing the same thing, I don't care how talented someone is, that person who used to be the underdog that has now elevated, you start to almost become upset. Because you want to see the next underdog, [you want to see] the next person get that opportunity. What I've learned as a fan from watching wrestling is you want the underdog to prevail. That's why people watch wrestling. Because it's an average person who isn't rich, [doesn't] have these amazing things in life. When they look at someone who is an underdog it's like you're looking at yourself and you are like, 'Damn, I want that person to have that because it feels like that's me.'"

Andrew went on to further discuss the history-making WrestleMania main event between Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair for the SmackDown Women's Championship. Once again emphasizing the importance of keeping things fresh and getting new talents over.

"Let's take away race," said Andrew. "Black, white, man, woman, it doesn't matter. I feel like what wrestling does is [it tells] the person watching it, 'F*ck race, f*ck color, f*ck gender.' It's about saying, 'Damn, if that person can do it so can I.' And I think what is missing at this moment is you keep seeing the same shit over and over, eventually you're like, 'I want the next underdog.' Think about when Zack Ryder, think about that moment where everyone was like, 'What the f*ck?!' I feel like what [the WWE] is missing right now is a, 'What the f*ck?!' moment."

Ariane Andrew's new single Born With It remixed by Damon Sharpe is now available on Spotify and all major music platforms. You can find Ariane's full interview via the embedded players below.

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