The current AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker recently sat down for an interview on an episode of Rasslin’ with Brandon F. Walker.

Baker, who recently won the AEW Women’s World Title at Double Or Nothing, was asked how it felt winning the title in front of a live crowd. She said it was amazing and that the crowd reaction added a lot to the moment.

“[It was] surreal,” shared Baker. “When we were going towards the end of the match, the crowd was shaking. Anything I was kicking out of, reversing, anything. They were so loud. It was truly electric. I had goosebumps. And when the bell rang and I won, it was deafening. And it’s cool and it’s surreal, and it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of. And then even when it happens, it’s like, ‘Am I dreaming still? Is this happening?’

“Because they’re not supposed to like me, remember. They’re supposed to hate me. I’m not nice. I’m an ass on TV. I say what everyone else is thinking but [that] their filter won’t allow them to say, I say it anyway. Self-absorbed? Sure. But am I wrong? No. And, you know, people say, ‘She’s a delusional role model.’ No, I’m not. I’m a legit role model, I just beat it into your head a hundred times. But then I think so many people are just behind my growth and my rise to the top, and this new era that I talk about, the Era of the D.M.D. And I think that is why the crowd was so behind me.”

Baker went on to discuss the backstage reaction to her title win. She mentions a moment she shared with Tony Schiavone, and says that even MJF paid her a compliment.

“On the way out [of the ring] I ran into my friend, Tony Schiavone,” recalled Baker. “Which, was one of the best moments of my wrestling career when he was standing there and he just gives me a big hug. That was really cool because he has been right beside me on this rise to the top. Through thick, through then, through good and bad, so he’s one of the most important people in my life, period. [Both] inside and outside of wrestling. So, for him to be there was awesome.

“And just going through the back, our locker room is so, even people who are not nice people, even they were supportive of me in the back. I’m talking about MJF. He’s misunderstood. He and I respect each other. He’s one of the best. He’s, I think, one of the top stars in wrestling today, and he thinks I’m one of the top stars in wrestling today. We understand each other, and that’s why we work well together. We tolerate each other, [and] it works.”

Later in the interview, Baker was asked if the AEW wrestlers are excited to wrestle in front of live crowds again. Baker said that they are super excited to get back on the road and that the crowd they had at Double Or Nothing was a big treat.

“Oh my God, yes,” Baker said enthusiastically. “We were spoiled with that crowd Sunday. Because it was so loud and they were so excited for everything. We still have a couple of more weeks in Jacksonville, and then we start in Miami, I think is the first one, [then] we start touring, hitting the road, hitting the towns, making the towns. And man, I’ve never been more excited for fans again. I was really nervous to have that full arena again, because it has been so long and you forget. You forget what it is to look up and see 5,000 people staring at you, cheering at you in my case. But still, it’s something you really [and] truly forget. . . what that feels like.”

You can listen to the interview in full here.

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