Davey Richards On Choosing MLW Instead Of Other “Bigger Name Promotions”

MLW first round draft pick Davey Richards was on today's episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman asked Richards why he chose to sign with MLW.

"I was blown away, quite frankly, when I announced I was going to return that a lot of the bigger name promotions reached out," Richards admitted. "I was very, very humbled by that. I've always looked at wrestling as more of a sport than entertainment. I think you should be so good at wrestling that it is entertaining. It's just my philosophy and my opinion.

"MLW was really in line with that way of thinking in how they present their product. It's more sports-oriented. It was a really organic fit. It just clicked right off the bat, more than the other places at this time. It was really an easy decision to be quite frank. I'm really excited for July 10 and beyond. I think it's gonna be a good fit. Tom Lawlor, Hammerstone, Jacob Fatu, there's some good stuff there. There's gonna be some magic, so I'm excited."

MLW have made many big announcements ahead of their July return in front of fans including their new TV deal with Vice TV. Richards gave his thoughts on MLW's Vice TV deal.

"I think it's absolutely great. It's great to see a company grow," Richards stated. "It's great to see pro wrestling grow, especially after this last year and a half. I work in the medical field, and you get to keep track on epidemiology, and the mental health has just gone through the roof and... who could blame anyone for that?

"We've been stuck inside, separation and everything. So just to see them growing, and other companies growing and people breaking out, I'm enamored by it. It's taken me back, and I'm really excited for the Vice TV thing and I think they're going to do very well there."

Hausman also asked Richards what it's been like to work with MLW management.

"I'm just blown away by how kind they are and giving and professional," Richards said. "My experience with every wrestling company has been very positive. MLW's exceeded even those past experiences, and they've all been positive. So it's really good."

Richards has wrestled for over a decade holding championships in various promotions including the ROH, PWG and CZW World Championships. Hausman asked Richards if his MLW deal will allow him to wrestle outside of MLW.

"I'm absolutely looking to travel. That's the thing that was very attractive about MLW," Richards noted. "They gave me certain obvious companies I can't work for, which I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take someone long to guess those, but they really want their talent to seek outside opportunities as well.

"They're very pro-talent. They're very supportive because I love independent wrestling. I love traveling around. I love wrestling in front of the live crowd, and most of all I like wrestling for 20 – 30 minutes. My first match back in three years, I went 30 minutes. I like to take my time.

"I'm not a three, four or five minute match kind of guy. I'll do it if I have to, but it's definitely not my passion. I very much want to be out there as much as possible and traveling around going back to Europe, go back to Japan. MLW, it's another reason it's a perfect fit."

You can see Davey Richards every week as part of MLW on VICE TV. For more information check out www.MLW.com. You can follow Davey on Twitter @RichardsWesley. Davey's full interview can be found via the players below.

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