Former WWE star Hornswoggle, also known as Swoggle, was interviewed by Inside the Ropes on his  WWE career. Hornswoggle talked about his lowest point while in the WWE, while also pointing out that the numerous highs, such as the WeeLC match, made up for the worst moments.

“The worst thing, I guess, is when they had me dressed as a cow,” Swoggle said. “That was really like the down point, a real negative moment for me, and I was really pissed off at it and I knew why. And I got it. It was what it was, I got paid to be on television, but that part was the one moment where I was like ‘someone’s screwing with me here.’ But whatever. Two months before that, I put on the best pay per view of that whole year in the WeeLC Match. So I can’t be too pissed off about it.  Nothing I do in life will ever top WeeLC. It was the greatest match of my life, easily.

“But of all those moments, like I think it was the 15th anniversary of RAW. I opened the show, I had three segments during the show. And the closing shot was me with Steve Austin pouring beer on Vince McMahon. That same show I posed with Hulk Hogan. It doesn’t get better than that. And so I look at that like, again, I’m supposed to be here for only six months. They told me this could be a six-month schtick and I got two weeks under 10 years and so many memorable things. I’ve never been, I never watch my stuff back. Still to this day, I just don’t. If it comes up on a PPV, I skip it. But I think back and lately it’s finally hit me like, man, that was really fun. Like ‘that was really, really cool what you did.’ I did a lot of fun things and I was always like, ‘hey, what do we have? Oh, why don’t we have Hornswoggle do it?’ One hundred percent. ‘We need a GM? Here’s Hornswoggle. We need a DX Mascot, we need a son?’ But I was way OK stepping up to the plate. Every guest host I worked with, every guest host every week. It was awesome.”

Famous for his comedy wrestling, Hornswoggle was asked which wrestler entertained him the most today. He named an AEW main eventer who Swoggle once had the opportunity to wrestle on the independent circuit.

“So I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon, but it’s Orange Cassidy,” Swoggle said. “I had the match with him it’s on YouTube for Beyond Wrestling. I didn’t get the shtick when he was explaining it to me and then he was telling me more about it. I was like, ‘oh, OK.’ And then we had the match, and like the first thing out of the gate I was like ‘holy s--t, this is the greatest thing ever.’

I love him, and I feel like with him it’s so black and white with him. Like if you’re a fan or not no middle ground, and that’s unfortunate. But I love him so much. I get such a kick out of him. Everything he does, literally everything he does is just entertaining to me. It’s funny to me and people want to tear it apart. ‘It gives away the business or whatever.’ I don’t care. Giving away the business is when Beyond the Mat came out. The business has been given away for years. I don’t care.”

This led to a discussion how comedy wrestling can be divisive with wrestling fans. While Hornswoggle finds that unfortunate, he realizes that not everything in wrestling will click with fans, which is what makes wrestling so great in his view.

“It’s just it’s unfortunate, but not everyone likes vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream,” Swoggle said. “It’s wrestling; it’s legitimately like the Baskin Robbins of entertainment. You’re going to find something you really, really like and some things you’re going to really, really hate and be disgusted with. But that’s what makes wrestling awesome.

That’s why I can watch it with my buddies and with my son and with students of mine because there’s always going to be something somebody likes and they’re not too keen on. You know, it’s awesome. I think it’s now that the crowds are back, I think it’s just can you imagine, like, him and Jericho stuff with 5000 people? Unreal. It would have been the craziest thing ever.”

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