In an interview with Andrew Thompson on POST Wrestling, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett raved about former NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar. Jarrett worked with Escobar in both Impact Wrestling and AAA, where Escobar worked as El Hijo del Fantasma, and he believes Escobar could a star on WWE’s main roster sooner than you think.

“I’ve known him  a long time but in 2017, I brought him to IMPACT, Global Force,” Jarrett said. “I brought him as a part of that. He’s bilingual which is huge. He understands both psychologies. He’s got a family lineage, his father, so he obviously grew up in lucha libre. But he also understands the American style, and we’re buddies, we’re amigos but I cannot say enough good things about him as a performer. The sky’s the limit for him. He’s very articulate in both languages and so, I really think in 2022 and I’ll just say this: A year from now when you bring up his name, I think me and you would have a different conversation. I think the sky’s the limit for that guy and I couldn’t be happier for the opportunity that he’s getting today. I can see him being on the Raw and/or SmackDown roster sooner rather than later.”

Jarrett also discussed R-Truth (referring to him as Ron or Ronnie), his former co-worker in TNA. Jarrett raved about Truth’s longevity and what he still brings to the table twenty years into his career.

“It’s no secret me and Ronnie are buddies and always have been, always will be,” Jarrett said. “We’re tight. I mean he was NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion in the early days of TNA and he wanted to be a rapper first, so music is in his blood. But at his very core, he’s a performer, he’s an entertainer and Ron’s a smart dude and as genetically gifted as he is and I’m not just talking about he doesn’t age, but his physical skillset is still, if not at the top of his game, it’s right up there. But Ronnie also knows that it’s a young man’s game as well. So, to the flip side of that, we’ll call it a debate or argument or point is at Ronnie’s 20-year career, he’s still actively involved in a weekly episodic television show and this is a young man’s game. So should he be in the quote-unquote world title picture, I.C. Title picture? No, probably not. But he is such a diverse character, he really gives back because if you’re in a pre-tape or a scene or a match with Ronnie and look how many people are in the 24/7 title (picture) and Ronnie’s character involvement.

“Look at how many people over the last year-and-a-half, two years that Ronnie quote-unquote has given airtime to so he gives back to the business by A, wanting to do it. Ronnie has a saying, he’s made some fat checks over the years but he’s still giving back and entertaining and his ability to connect with the audience and really anybody on camera with him in any scene, their presence on camera and Ronnie takes them to another level. So, you know, as a performer you don’t, unless you’ve really been in the industry, you don’t really realize how valuable Ronnie is but man, Truth has got a skillset that only he ever has really presented. I’ve never seen a talent like him and I’d love for somebody, you don’t really see that kind of talent because of his longevity, his physical skill set, his connectivity and really, his ability to work with anybody is quite frankly an anomaly in so many ways.”

Many of the talents, on and offscreen, from Jarrett’s time in TNA now work for WWE. Jarrett was asked about one person in particular, former Impact jack of all trades Jeremy Borasch, and how he’s doing since joining WWE.

“He’s doing great,” Jarrett said. “When I’m asked, whether it’s about Jeremy Borash or AJ Styles or Samoa Joe or those formative TNA years, Eric Young, Bobby Roode, I could go down that whole list and they say, ‘How do you feel about their success? Does it make you proud?’ I think in so many different ways, yes, I’m the proud, crazy uncle or whatever it may be. But I’m also very reflective on just how lucky and blessed I was during that time.

“To be able to work with these guys and be around them day in and day out, what a nucleus of guys that we had, both in front of the camera and behind. So I feel lucky as I sit here today that, you know, that AJ Styles was such a enormous part of the roster, that Jeremy Borash was such an enormous part of the TNA team and wore so many different hats from producer to editor to cameraman to social media, everything, ring announcer, live event ring announcer. I feel very lucky.”

You can watch the full interview below.