WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently joined another Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin for an episode of Broken Skull Sessions where they reminisced and discussed Mick Foley’s career, including Foley’s infamous Hell In A Cell match with The Undertaker.

At the end of the episode Steve Austin brings up Mick Foley’s A&E biography, the director of which Mick Foley recently thanked on Twitter. Specifically, Austin focuses on the question at the end of whether or not the sacrifices Foley made in his career were worth it. The question was purposefully left open-ended by Foley on the A&E biography.

Face-to-face with his long-time friend, Austin asked Foley if all the sacrifices and injuries he sustained during his long and illustrious career were worth it.

“In your biography, which everybody should watch, there was a question asked: Was it worth it?” recalled Austin. “All the beatings, all the travel, the sacrifice, the bumps, everything you’re left with now. It wasn’t answered. I’m asking you here, now, was it worth it?”

“You know, Steve, honestly there’s some moments that hit a little too close to home,” admitted Foley. “Steve McMichael with ALS, oh man. I see Tim Green, who was a great lineman and author, reduced to a state where he was very dependent. That stuff really hurts. But I’m doing whatever I can to stay vital. The WWE has learned so much along the way.

“I hope people don’t make some of the mistakes I did, largely not admitting when we’re hurt. Because at that time we thought you were tougher to pretend you were not hurt than to admit you are. It really takes a tougher man to admit you are [hurt]. 20 years from now I may have another answer, but absolutely, absolutely. As far as the walking, the knees, the lower back, yeah, yeah, it kind of reminds me of who I was and what I accomplished.”

“It was worth it?” asked Austin once more.

“Yeah, absolutely,” answered Foley.

Austin said that he had the same answer in regards to his career, and that he is relieved that Foley felt the same. Austin then went on to praise Foley as a person and wrestler.

Foley’s appearance on Steve Austin’s Broken Skulls Session is now on-demand on the WWE Network and on Peacock Premium.

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