A week after Riddle used the RKO to defeat Xavier Woods, Randy Orton returned the favor on last night’s WWE RAW by finishing off the same New Day member with the Bro Derek.

In a backstage interview after RAW, Riddle reacted to Orton hitting his signature Cradle Tombstone Slam. Before uttering any words, Riddle pretended to unzip his mouth.

“Bro… Randy hitting the Bro Derek was amazing, and just a week after I hit the RKO,” Riddle said. “Who knows? Maybe next week we both will be doing Floating Bros all over the place.

“I’m so happy, I don’t even know what to say or do, except that I’ve got to get back to Randy. We gotta talk talk gameplans, the future, merchandise, scooters, speedos, we gotta talk a lot of things. Love you all. Peace, I gotta go. Scooter…away…yeah, yeah!”

As noted earlier, RAW Tag Team Champions AJ Styles & Omos called out R-K-Bro after it was suggested on RAW Talk that the team of Orton & Riddle could be threats to their titles.

See below to watch a clip of Orton hitting the Bro Derek: