In the last several months WWE has released several talents, leading to speculation that morale in the locker room is low. In an interview with Vibe and Wrestling, WWE United States Champion Sheamus disagreed that morale had lowered following the releases. He also stated the best thing for talent following the releases was to move forward.

“The locker room has got to get on with it,” Sheamus said. “I’ve been in the company 12 years and it is part of the business. People come in and people go and you got to get down with it. Every Monday you got to get there and perform.

“I don’t think the moral is down, I think is a lot better that what it used to be when I started. There is a lot more of camaraderie and we have great lads, experienced lads and young lads working together during the pandemic with no fans. You talk to some of the legends and they will tell you that they would not adapt to perform in that ring. So I think is a credit to everybody who has been working non stop during the last 15 or 16 months and keeping the company going and people entertained during this situation.”

During his WWE career Sheamus has won both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships, the United States Championship and both RAW and Smackdown Tag Team Championships. Only the Intercontinental Championship has eluded him, and he’s definitely aiming to win it and become a Grand Slam Champion.

“I’m always thinking about that, it’s in my target range,” Sheamus said. “Now I don’t have the chance because that title is on SmackDown and there’s nothing I can do about it. But there will come the time when I will get the opportunity and I will become the ultimate Grand Slam Champion, THE ONLY EVER ULTIMATE Grand Slam Champion. That is there but right now I am the US Champ and I’m enjoying that, enjoying being out there with Ricochet and Humberto. But the payback is coming. Whatever happens, eventually my eyes will be back on the IC title.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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