WWE NXT Star Toni Storm Comes Out As Bisexual

Earlier today WWE NXT star Toni Storm took over WWE NXT's Instagram as part of NXT honoring Pride Month. During the takeover, Storm took the opportunity to talk about why she agreed to participate and officially came out as bisexual.

"So when it was announced that I would be taking over the Instagram for Pride Month, I noticed a lot of people were like 'Toni are you just ally? Are you in the community? What's going on here?'" Storm said. "Well I guess now is a good time to say both. I'm an ally and I cannot exactly say that I'm straight. I'm bi and it feels good to say. And it's something I've been really comfortable with for a long time. I just never really expressed it. I don't know, I just never really found the right time. And it's Pride Month and I'm on your Instagram, so now's a good time I guess."

The second ever NXT UK Women's Champion, Storm transitioned from NXT UK to NXT proper back in October of 2020 after an eight month hiatus. Storm has since challenged twice for the NXT Women's Championship, coming up short on both occasions.

Storm's most recent match on NXT was on May 11, where she defeated Zoey Starks in singles action.

You can watch the video below.