Aleister Black Teases New Character And Name

Recently released WWE superstar Aleister Black, also known as Tommy End, hinted at a new character and name today after releasing a nearly five minute video on his Instagram page.

During the video Aleister appears to be held in a psychiatric hospital when two doctors come into the room to speak with him. One of the doctors was notably played by Josiah Williams, who worked for the WWE doing digital media work for NXT. He has also made entrance music for Cameron Grimes and AEW's Shawn Spears. Williams himself was recently released in late May of this year.


In the video Aleister is wearing an eye patch and says he sustained the injury after being pushed into stairs by Matthew. This is a reference to Buddy Murphy and refers to a July 27, 2020 episode of Monday Night Raw where Buddy Murphy smashed Aleister's eye into steel steps.

In the vignette both doctors are trying to tell Aleister that the he imagines events and that the voices in his head are not real. This causes Aleister to have a breakdown as he grasps at his head. The vignette features visual effects that cut to a puppet that is designed to look like Aleister, and also overlaps the puppet's face on top of Aleister's. As the doctors are yelling at Aleister a shrouded black figure with a mask appears behind them.


The lights start to flicker and Aleister lays face down on the table. One of the doctors reach for Aleister when he suddenly grabs the doctor's arm and slices his throat, spraying blood everywhere. Aleister proceeds to then rub the blood on his face. He then approaches the second doctor and grabs him by the neck.

The doctor profusely apologizes to Aleister, who he calls 'Tom.' Aleister responds, "My name isn't Tom. My name is Malakai." The camera then cuts to the newly named Malakai walking down a dark hallway softly singing The Devil Made Me Do It by Golden Earring.

The video ends with the words "THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT" printed across the screen, with a letter 'K' also appearing inside the of the 'D' in 'MADE'.

In the credits it also lists Tom Budgen (Aleister's real name) as Tommy End/Malakai Blacks.

Aleister was released this year in early June alongside many other notable names due to WWE budget cuts. He, as usual per released talent, has a 90-day no compete clause that still has at least a month-and-a-half remaining. Aleister has only been officially announced for one event thus far.

You can see the video in its entirety below: