WWE Blacks Out Screen After Charlotte Flair Flips Fans Off

WWE received a significant amount of negative social media feedback over a moment that took place in tonight's RAW Women's Title match at the WWE Money In the Bank pay-per-view, which saw Charlotte Flair win the strap from Rhea Ripley.

As noted earlier at this link, Becky Lynch posted a photo before the pay-per-view and confirmed that she was in attendance at the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas. This led to more speculation on a possible Lynch return, but probably meant that she was not returning tonight.

Fans chanted for Lynch several times during the Flair vs. Ripley match. Flair responded to one "we want Becky!" chant by giving a middle finger salute to the Texas crowd.

WWE production tried to black out the screen to block Flair's middle finger to the crowd, but it was still visible on the live Peacock/WWE Network feed. The attempted edit led to many fans knocking the company on Twitter.

You can see photos and videos from Flair's big title win at this link. Below are a few shots from the middle finger salute: