Karrion Kross has been dominating NXT since the moment he stepped foot on the Black and Gold brand last year, so much so that comparisons to Brock Lesnar and Goldberg have starting to fester.

On a recent episode of WWE After the Bell, Corey Graves and Vic Joseph compared the former Killer Kross to both Goldberg and Lesnar, noting similarities with their entrances and quick matches. Graves believes Kross reminds him more of Goldberg because of the intensity and focus he has during his matches while Joseph chose Lesnar based on the dominance and quick matches.

“This is going to sound like a stretch, Goldberg,” Graves said on who Kross reminded him more of. “I’m going to say Goldberg, not in the same sense that made Goldberg Goldberg but from the intensity. The physical stature sure, it’s easy to draw correlations, but that intensity, that stoic focus, the badass, incredible entrance. It’s captivating, the whole package with Scarlett, but standing on his own physically speaking very rarely goes out and has marathon classics, likes to do his work with intensity and focus in short order.

“Not saying they’re the same, I’m just saying if you’re asking me who I am reminded of, I think Karrion Kross is such a unique character and unique entity, it’s almost impossible to draw a good comparison. I’m just saying from an objective perspective, looking at your T.V. screen, maybe you haven’t watched for a while and you go, oh, this guy kind of reminds me of Goldberg.”

“I think of Karrion Kross as someone who has a very distinct entrance,”Joseph said. “I think he is someone who comes in and is not paid by the hour, he gets in and he gets out. It’s hard to argue with the Goldberg comparison. To not steal Goldberg as an answer, when I think about the entrance and the in and out, the power and impact, he hasn’t had the career that this man has, maybe one day he will but Brock Lesnar. He comes in, bell to bell, not very long, he gets in, he gets out, he gets the job done and when you hear those cords, you know it’s Brock.”

Kross, along with fellow NXT superstar Bronson Reed, were recently in action on WWE Main Event where the NXT Champion defeated Shelton Benjamin, although wasn’t accompanied by Scarlett. The Black and Gold’s champion also worked dark matches at main roster tapings.

Graves continued to discuss Lesnar and mentioned Roman Reigns’ current run as champion to Lesnar’s dominant one as Universal Champion. The RAW commentator said Reigns is getting to that level, and might even be eclipsing Lesnar.

“I love, love, love Brock Lesnar as WWE or Universal or any champion because Brock Lesnar [raises the value],” Graves said. “People go, oh, Brock’s not here every week. That’s okay. Bruno Sammartino didn’t defend his title every week, he didn’t do it on T.V. for free every week. It was an attraction, it was a video game boss in real life, Brock Lesnar was that dude.

“That being said, Roman Reigns is very close, dare I say eclipsing Brock Lesnar, but you can’t leave Brock out of the conversation.”