On a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with MLW first round draft pick Davey Richards. Richards discussed why he chose to sign with MLW, and what his plans are now that he’s with the promotion.

“I’m definitely open to tagging with someone else. I do maybe think that that will be kind of a hard sell because I’m so synonymous with The American Wolves,” Richards noted. “At this time, I’m definitely looking to really stake my claim in singles competition.

“Jacob Fatu is ungodly talented. It’s weird to view him as a big man because you can’t put a label on someone that good. He’s literally just good at everything. He’s a technical wrestler. He can fly. He’s very well rounded, which is very rare in wrestling. I’m just blown away by how good he is.”

Richards and Eddie Edwards were an iconic tag team in Impact Wrestling and ROH winning a total of eight tag team titles across both promotions. Hausman asked Richards if he considered reuniting with Edwards for his comeback run.

“There absolutely was. Eddie has actually undergone surgery, had his appendix taken out,” Richards pointed out. “It wasn’t really like he was kind of focusing on that, and the thing with MLW happened really quickly. I felt like it would be better fit after a year to organize all the pieces.

“He’s obviously in a different company than me and doing very well there, and I’d like to do very well in MLW. And I really think that that will only build the anticipation and the desire for us to get back together, which I feel we inevitably will. I think right now is not the right time for that, and I think Eddie would agree with me. I hope, but it’s more of a question of when, not if.”

Hausman later asked Richards about one of MLW’s most prolific tag teams The Von Erichs.

“We actually wrestled them, me and Eddie, a while ago in Texas, and they still are heroes down there,” Richards said. “So September 11, I can’t imagine the reaction they’re gonna give them when we head down there. They’ve grown a lot since then. I think they were still getting some experience under their belt at that time, and they’ve come so far, so I’m really impressed by them as well.”

You can see Davey Richards every week as part of MLW on VICE TV. For more information check out www.MLW.com. You can follow Davey on Twitter @RichardsWesley. Davey’s full interview can be found via the players below.

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