Current Major League Wrestling star and first-round pick Davey Richards recently sat down for an interview with Wrestling Inc.’s Nick Hausman on The Wrestling Inc. Daily to discuss a variety of topics. During the interview Hausman asked Richards if he expects there to be a big post-pandemic wrestling boom once fans are allowed back at shows.

“I do,” answered Richards. “I really, really do. I think everyone is so hyped up, so rejuvenated, the fans included. Competition is vital for pro wrestling and I think the big companies have, not only competition amongst themselves, but competition from other wrestling companies that are becoming more visible. So, there’s not that great divide from say, WWE to independents, anymore. We may still be looking at the WWE, but they’re looking right back. So, there’s competition. I think everyone has something to prove and I think everyone is rejuvenated and motivated. So, I think [with] all those things everything has fallen back into line to create the perfect storm.”

Later in the interview Richards was asked about rumors regarding a potential partnership between MLW and WWE, and if he would supportive of it.

“Oh, yeah [I would be interested],” shared Richards. “I mean it is a business and it is competitive, and I like that part too. But working together, the more opportunities that are created the more motivated people are going to be to go out there and be the very best at their craft, which in turn will raise the product, which in turn will attract fans. So, to me it’s like a ripple effect, so I am fully in support of it.”

While on the topic of the WWE, Richards was asked about his try-out for the company alongside Eddie Edwards and why they didn’t sign. Richards said the WWE was not the right fit for him due to a variety of reasons and opened up about his experience while he was there. Richards clearly felt that MLW was a good fit, as he chose to sign with them despite receiving interest from other major promotions.

“It wasn’t a fit for both of us because we would’ve been required to move to Florida,” recalled Richards. “And Eddie, his family is in Boston and he grew up in Boston, so [I] definitely understand that. I had just gotten my paramedic license. Once you’re with the WWE that is your life, you know what I mean? It’s full-time, all-in. And I wanted to, obviously, work as a paramedic in addition to wrestling.

“So, we kind of knew that wasn’t going to be a good fit for us. They were entirely professional, entirely giving and kind. [There were] no politics. We had a great experience. But it just wasn’t a good fit [for us], and probably for them too. They want, obviously, people who are fully committed and we were kind of one foot in, one foot out. So, I think it all worked out the way it was supposed to.”

You can see Davey Richards every week as part of MLW on VICE TV. For more information check out You can follow Davey on Twitter @RichardsWesley. Davey’s full interview can be found via the players below.

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