On tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling, New Japan Pro-Wrestling star Jay White called out David Finlay and The Elite following his surprise appearance at Slammiversary last Saturday.

The NEVER Openweight Champion started his in-ring promo by calling out David Finlay, who made his return back to Impact last Saturday with Juice Robinson. Finlay is set to go one-on-one with White for his title at NJPW Resurgence on Saturday, August 14. It’s important to note that White laid out the first blow when he hit a Blade Runner on Finlay seconds after Slammiversary went off the air (the full clip from their encounter is displayed below). With that said, White explained the reason why he stumbled into the Impact Zone on Saturday.

“I am here for David Finlay,” Jay White announced. “David Finlay thinks he can come to Impact and hide from me. But David, buddy, our date is set: August 14 at Resurgence. David Finlay is hoping and praying for resurgence of the family name. The Finlay name; the Finlay name that was once respected, now simply laughed at. Oof. How daddy must be disappointed in his son.

“You see, David, your career peaked when you beat me in the New Japan Cup. But buddy, that’s it for you. Because you will never beat me again. You will never beat me for this [points to his NEVER Openweight Championship].”

Following his explanation on Finlay, White shifts his focus directly towards The Elite, who have been a target of White’s for quite some time now. Right before Slammiversary ended, White refused to “too sweet” the guys. He even had an epic staredown with Kenny Omega, which caused a look of concern on the Impact World Champion’s face.

During the second part of his promo, the current Bullet Club leader believes Omega and the guys are still living in the Omega era, and they need to get with the times. He even disses the Impact World Tag Team Champions, the Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) for trying to relive their glory days by going back to their original stomping grounds and competing on shows like NJPW Strong.

“I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity at Slammiversary to come out and say hello to The Bullet Club’s greatest fans,” White exclaimed with the fans in the audience cheering on. “Well, I’m not talking about you guys [the fans], I was talking about the guys who are going around and throwing up ‘too sweets’ like it’s still 2013. Those guys are the true fans of the Bullet Club! Those guys are the true fans of ‘Switchblade’ Jay White!

“But I understand why they do that. You see, The Good Brothers have only been relevant when they can tie their name to Bullet Club. So, I see why the Good Brothers are so desperate to rejoin. But Good Brothers, this is a new era of Bullet Club. This is MY new era of Bullet Club. In my new era of Bullet Club, we have standards. I’m sorry, Good Brothers, you guys aren’t simply good enough anymore. So, after thinking about it, as far as your application of rejoining goes, it’s gonna have to be [a] ‘no.'”

Surprise to no one, Omega, Don Callis and The Good Brothers made their way out to the stage to confront the leader of the Bullet Club. Callis thinks White should ditch his position as the leader of the Bullet Club and beg them to join The Elite.

“You know, I’m happy because Jay White has always been one of my favorite talents when I was in New Japan. We always loved Jay White,” Don Callis stated. “Good looking young kid, great athlete, great guy. Hey, you got the promos down, too. I heard you out here talking about the new Bullet Club. I remember what the real Bullet Club was like because it had ‘The Machine Gun’ Karl Anderson.’ It had ‘Big Daddy’ Gallows. And, of course, the man who took it to a whole new level, ‘The God of Pro Wrestling’ Kenny ‘By God’ Omega.

“You see, Jay, while you were cooking for the veterans and washing people’s backs, we were selling out the Tokyo Dome. You honestly think that you’re going to come out here and step to The Elite? You, my friend, are in charge of a group called the Bullet Club that sells dozens of t-shirts. A group that has loaded, with the exception of you, with mid-carders. I think what we should be really talking about is you putting your foot forward to ask our permission to join The Elite.”

White replied, “Don, you don’t even work here anymore, do you? You call him a ‘Wrestling God,’ is that what you said? Yeah. You’re reminiscing about the old days, selling out all these places, yeah? If you’re going to talk about the old days, make sure you don’t forget about one particular day, that was the day when me and your ‘Wrestling God’ were in the ring one-on-one. And I believe, correct me if I’m wrong, Don, but I believe I beat him.”

Once that jab was thrown at Omega, he and Callis left the stage and let the Good Brothers deal with White. Upset by the remark White made earlier about them not being relevant anymore, the Good Brothers laid a nasty beatdown on the Openweight Champ. Just when it looked like White had no one on his side, the former X-Division Champion Chris Bey ran out to the Switchblade’s aid. Bey sent Gallows out of the ring, while White had Anderson in the Blade Runner position. Anderson escaped by the skin of his teeth, and the Good Brothers retreated up to the ramp.

Earlier in the broadcast, White extended an invite for Bey to join the Bullet Club. At first, Bey declined his offer, saying he was better off working alone than with a group. White asked how’s that working for him, which Bey didn’t have a response for at the time. Now, it looks like Bey will accept White’s proposal and join the most iconic stable in the modern era.

Next week, Jay White and Chris Bey will join forces to finish what they started with The Good Brothers.