Killian Dain On Why He Believes His WWE Release Was Likely “A Last Minute Thing”

Former WWE star Killian Dain appeared on the It's My House podcast to talk about his release from WWE. Dain revealed that the release didn't come as a shock following the releases over the past year, even after he had signed an extension with WWE recently.

"Because of all the releases in the last year, it didn't come as a as a direct shock," Dain said. "I was more prepared to be released last year, when the major cuts happened. I even asked a writer last year. I asked the writer, because I wasn't doing something at the time and I asked was I on any of these lists. And he said 'you were on none of the lists, you weren't even on any of the potential lists.' So you know, that was obviously great to know. But this year, you know it's changed a little bit, things have changed in the company for whatever reason, and a bunch of us who were just over that age bracket all seem to have been let go at the same time.

"I just signed an extension. Not a lot of people know this, I just signed an extension so I could easily have been gone at the same time as Alexander Wolfe, because our deals expired on the same day. So I genuinely believe that this is something that was a last minute thing you know? Maybe within a week of us getting released that was probably when they made the decision because  Fandango and I were just on on television. You know and we had just been in a feud ourselves. So maybe they knew a long time in advance and we're not aware but I think for us that first couple of hours you feel pretty, pretty hard done by and all these kind of things. But realistically we also knew with all the releases that have happened that anybody is up for grabs. It could happen to anybody."

Later Dain was asked if wrestling was a fickle industry. He believes it is, comparing it to how fans react to other sports like English football.

"It's a fickle industry, there's just no way around it," Dain said. "Like, somebody who's popular in a territory one day isn't always going to be popular in that territory, there's always gonna be somebody else. So attach that to wrestling and any sports and athletes. I'm a huge Man United fan and we've had guys who are our top guy, the guy we were all behind like Wayne Rooney, and then towards the end of his United career, he started becoming almost a villain for the United fans just because that's just the way it goes. So when you attach that to the likes of wrestling, you might get your chance. you might not get your chance. But your name, one day, it's going to come up and you just have to take it not personally. I do not take it personally, but I got texts and emails from people who were in charge and I was like, you know, wow. I was blown away, like completely humbled by some of the people I grew up watching my entire life who said such wonderful things."

Being a free agent now, the obvious question was what will Dain be doing once his 90 day noncompete clause expires. Dain is hoping to do a bit of everything, though his main desire is to work with New Japan stars, some of whom he's encountered before and some who he'd be wrestling for the first time.

"So for the time being I'll be staying in America with Nikki's success and everything else," Dain said. "Once I am free to work again, I'm going to be picky, choosy and I'm going to take a bit of time to really get around the world you know? There's places I want to go, there's companies I want to work for there, there's people I want to work, I've got a full list of people I'm desperate to work. It was a blast when I got to wrestle a lot of the New Japan guys through Rev Pro, and I'd love it if I get a chance to wrestle the likes of Ishii and Tanahashi again. I'd love to wrestle Okada, Shingo, you know all those guys.

"And there's so many others across the world. So for me, I'm taking these three months to take a bit of time for myself, to get myself prepared mentally, physically, everything else. And then obviously I have to figure out, me being a foreigner living in America, there's a couple of hoops we have to jump through next, which will hopefully go down without a problem. And then yeah, get myself around the world, because I do want to get back and do some things back in Britain. I want to see how the scene is there, I want to be an inspiration for the next group of guys coming through."

You can watch the full interview below.